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Tips & Ideas
Thorough cleaning after use
Thorough cleaning after use
As the acrylic paint shades of Decormatt and Decorlack are very colour-intensive, the brush should be thoroughly washed with a lot of water and soap directly after use.
Puffing the paint

Make sure the iron isn't too hot  or you will burn your creation Going over the area quickly with a cloth covering your work  will make sure your work puffs up and looks great

To extend the amount of time you enjoy painting with the pens, please note the following tips:

1. Always replace the caps on the painters when you aren't actually painting, even if you've not completely finished.
2. Keep your painter clean, always remove any surplus paint and close the cap well again.

"We use the fixogum for an experiment called fluorescence in situ hybridisation (FISH).   We apply reagent to specimens on glass slides and then put glass coverslip on top and heat up the slide.  To avoid evaporation of the reagent we need something to seal up the gap between the coverslip and the slide, but can be easily removed later.  That's where fixogum comes in." University of NSW
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